Quick Guide to Being a Great Interviewee

So, you’ve applied for the job and have just been shortlisted for an interview, here’s our quick guide to being a great interviewee:

  • Give yourself time to prepare for the interview
  • Understand the type of interview you will be having. It could be competency based, an assessment centre, and could potentially include a presentation. If you aren’t sure – ask
  • Arrive ten minutes prior to the interview, not fifteen, not twenty, and NEVER late
  • Always dress smartly and offer a firm handshake – first impressions are everything
  • Have some questions prepared to ask the interviewer – write them down and take them with you so you don’t forget
  • Know your CV inside out but also take a copy of it with you – mind blank can unfortunately happen so have some notes to hand
  • Speak positively at all times – even about challenges or difficult situations you are asked to describe
  • Find out what happens next and the timescale so you know what to expect afterwards
  • Follow up with a short email the next day to express your interest further and thank the interviewer for their time

Good Luck!